Spend summertime in Boston, says Kathy Petrino

June 22, 2019
Nobody wants to travel toward New England during the snowy winter. But as summer shines bright, Kathy Petrino suggests the history-steeped city of Boston for an unforgettable visit. This travel blogger recommends far more than bars and outdoor concerts when the weather warms. Rather, Petrino says a calendar of events beckons Bostonians and visitors outdoors, from charity rooftop events to seasonal and food truck festivals; keep an eye open during your trip for timely occasions. Also check out the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and for more than lazy lounging or feasting, but rather, for its newest amenities of ziplines that soar 220 feet at 30 feet above the ground and offer new harbor views. Petrino also reminds everyone that, as one of the oldest U.S. cities, Boston celebrates the Fourth of July with flair, from the annual Harborfest to fireworks, colonial reenactments, clambakes and boat cruises. It’s a city for summer visiting for historic buffs and adventurers alike.

Kathy Petrino, Travel Writer, Loves the Beauty of Glacier National Park

March 20, 2019
There is no doubt that Kathy Petrino loves to write about her extensive travel itinerary, but that is nothing compared to her desire to teach people how to have the best possible visits to her favorite destinations. By sending lots of people to the best places, these tourist destinations thrive,which means she can visit again and again. Of course, because she is kind, Kathy Petrino also would like for those who read her blog to make fewer of the missteps she has made on the same trips.

Among Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations is Glacier National Park in Montana. Located just below the Canadian border, Glacier National Park is often referred to as "America's Switzerland.” There are reasons for that, but the main reason for that nickname is because the area has some of the most beautiful features anywhere, including meadows, mountains, and lakes. In addition, the park contains thousandsof species of plants. Hikers enjoy the hundreds of miles of trails in Glacier National Park, but for those who just want to see amazing scenery will enjoy the Red Jammer buses and wooden tour boats to help them take in the gorgeous scenery with less physical effort.